Antimicrobial Copper Cu+

Antimicrobial Copper Cu+
The term Antimicrobial Copper Cu+ ® refers to the solid copper and copper alloys with a copper content of at least 60%. Generally, the higher the copper content, the more effective antimicrobial activity.

Antimicrobial Copper is characterized by:

  • Efficacy: has a much stronger antimicrobial activity compared to coatings based materials silver
  • Long-term effects: constantly proven kills germs that cause infections
  • Strength: the antimicrobial action is waning even under harsh conditions – after repeated dry or wet rubbing, reinfection, natural oxidation, machining
  • Security: it is not harmful to humans or the environment, contains no chemicals and are recyclable
  • Uniqueness: only antimicrobial solid surface material that has been registered and marketed as “product with positive qualities to public health.”