Our Company

The company exports regularly to more than 20 countries and has more than 2000 points of sale all over the globe including Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Armenia, Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Israel, United Arab Emirates, India, Lebanon,

Kazakhstan, Australia and Canada. After nearly 50 years of continuous operation, our company has passed to the next generation by giving  perspective for further development.

The company owns:

  • 5 die-casting presses zamak (60-400 ton) & aluminum
  • 2 pressed hot stamping 600 ton & 200 ton
  • 6 automatic machines for brightening and satin finishing
  • Plating section with high tech biological purification
  • Electrostatic coating with integrated robots
  • Packaging and mounting care is done by qualified technicians who conduct quality control as well

During the design and production process what really makes the company stand out is the high quality and aesthetic design of its products.

The motto of our company is “design made to last”.

Zogometal is housed in a privately owned facility 9000 m2 and employs a staff of 75 people.  On 2012 the company reengineered the entire production line and created a new management and operational model.  The company has adopted and followed the standards of ISO: 2008 and is certified by the internationally known TÜV INTER CERT with certification number 12-Q12-Q-0411009-TIC.

The company designs and produces vertically integrated fireplace accessories as well as:

  • Door handles, level handles &  pull knobs
  • Furniture handles & knobs
  • Curtain rod accessories
  • Internal and external hinges frames
  • Various hardware items

We also have a designing department that specializes in manufacturing.